Disciples of Mercy School – Dago

Disciples Of Mercy School – Dago offers Competency Based Curriculum (CBC), that offers so many benefits not only to learners but also the parents and the teachers.The curriculum focuses on the importance of learner’s ability to develop skills to solve daily life challenges.The CBC system has an advantage over the 8-4-4 system in different ways e.g it helps the learners to have better decision making abilities; learner-focused system, parental empowerment and engagement, diversity and inclusion etc.The institution provides basic requirements as per the school curriculum demands to enhance the smooth progress of uninterrupted studies.

Holistic approach

Disciples of Mercy School – Dago is one of the leading schools in Kenya offering the CBC curriculum. With over 300 students, it is a multi-cultural school with many cultures represented at any given time.

Disciples of Mercy School – Dago strives to create a harmonious balance between academic demands, sporting and cultural activities and community life. Our students learn to be knowledgeable, open-minded thinkers, inquirers, principled, risk-takers, well-balanced and caring. They are prepared for life.

The School is a community of life-long learners of students, teachers and parents with the goal of developing an ethical, pluralistic global community with a social conscience. It develops homegrown leaders with ethical foundations based on spirituality, and desire and ability to create positive change in the world.

Students are also encouraged to develop ethically and spiritually and to strive to succeed. The school’s ethos nurtures principled individuals who display respect towards diverse cultures and beliefs, enabling them to become responsible and compassionate global citizens.

Facilities include well-equipped library, well equipped ICT room, spacious class rooms, ECD section, dinning hall etc.

The CBC curriculum enables students to learn using an inter-disciplinary approach and to develop strategic thinking; creativity and international-mindedness; identified by leading educators globally as some of the critical skills for the 21st Century.