Family Church

Family Church

Backgroud: Disciples of Mercy Family started as a chapel which developed into a church to be able to meet the demand by the community for a Word based church. It envisions enhancing Spiritual growth through knowledge of who they are in Christ and what God has made available for them.

Disciples of Mercy Family Church labours to equip the saints for the work of the ministry and to shine as lights in a dark world, with an emphasis on preaching the Gospel and developing leaders.

Our main activities includes; Regular Sunday services, outreaches to enhance the knowlegde of God’s Word in learning institutions, training cell group leaders, establish and encourege community based bible study, weekly home fellowship, pastoral care, hospital ministry and home based evangelism.

Youth Ministry
Through our youth ministry, we contribute to a hope-filled youth for the future by maximizing the full potential of each youth, cultivating leaders of integrity and creating opportunities in ministry experience, in order to develop their God-endowed gifts and talents.

Children’s Ministry
Our children’s ministry is raising up a generation of young people who revere God, ready to influence society positively. This includes the facets of school and community outreaches along with camps and rallies that emphasize leadership training and character development.