Disciples of Mercy Academy

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Located on a beautiful campus, the high school provides students with an open, inviting environment where it is safe to explore ideas and collaborate with peers to enable students to realize their full potentials. Dom has programs that are strategic, applying research-based instructional practices and creating the ideal balance of hard work towards high academic standards within in a warm, safe, and friendly environment. In addition to academic learning, we endeavor to bring out an all rounded child, spiritually, emotionally and socially by imparting the knowledge of the word of God into their lives.

After providing enough skills and knowledge to the students they are promoted to the next level by graduating.They graduate with the highest grade point avarage. Graduating helps students to feel honoured because he/she has promoted from one level to another, in another way from childhood to adulthood. Dom provides quality certificate to students which helps students to feel greatifull by having a certificate at the childhood age.This encourages students to continue with their studies without any difficulties.

Dom offers education for special needs children to prove that disability is not inability.special needs children has educators that has well determined education so that they can individually educate each student.Teachers use unique aids to identify different talents in students and help them to specialize .Dom aims at providing training without leaving any gap in between.A person or a student can easily conquer the world by their hard-work and skills .for this ,they are given special opportunities without any terms and conditions.

Dom offers competency-base curriculum (CBC)that offfers so many benefits not only to learners but also the parents and the teachers.The curriculum focuses on the importance of learner’s ability to develop skills to solve daily life challenges.The CBC system has an advantage over the 8-4-4 system in different ways e.g it helps the learners to have a better decision making abilities,learner-focused system ,parental empowerment and engagement,diversity and inclusion etc.The institution is provides basic requirements as per the school curriculum demands to enhance the smooth progress of uninterrupted studies.