Our Team

DOM’s senior staff have all graduated from Disciples of Mercy’s Bible Training Centre and AFCM’s International Training Centre. In answering the call of God on their lives, the senior staff are appointed by the directors and serve in their departments with a heart to honor God and serve the community.

Jennie Roberts – Founder

Disciples of Mercy was founded by Jennie Roberts, an Australian missionary who graduated with the 1984 class of Rhema Bible Training Centre in Perth. Jennie along with her two children, served the Lord in Shri Lanka for two years, and has been ministering since 1987 in Kenya.

Titus and Millicent Archer

Titus and Millicent have served as branch work pastors for 5 years and are currently the pastors of Disciples of Mercy Family Church, Kisumu. Titus sits on the board of Directors for DOM NGO. Titus and Millicent’s heart is to reach out to the local community and minister hope to a dying world.

Sarah Sibo

Sarah is in charge of the Health Facility. With a Degree in Nursing and over 10 years of experience in the Health sector she offers professional services to the community at large.

Lydia Oloo

Lydia has been the school secretary from 2002, she also holds a diploma in AFCM bible school, she is a minister of the Gospel involved with the Prison ministry.

You and your Family

In whatever way you can, we would encourage you to be part of the work here at Disciples of Mercy.
Feel free to keep in contact with us through our website and social media channels and we welcome your prayer, encouragement and financial gifts towards this important work