Prison Ministry

Disciples of Mercy Prison Ministry

With over 50,000 inmates in the Kenyan correctional facilities, DOM has a dynamic ministry reaching out to this restricted access mission field.

We minister to both prisoners and officers in several prisons through regular gospel campaigns, sports and medical programmes. We also offer Bible School Training done in partnership with Association of Faith Churches and Ministers (AFCMITC). Through this we see hundreds saved, discipled & trained for ministry both within prison and upon their release.

“DOM’s Prison Project amazes me with the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, going into the dark prisons of Kenya, bringing hope and changing lives for inmates and staff alike.”

-Pastor Dale Osborn

Kenya Prison Project (AFCM)

AFCM is partnering with Disciples of Mercy to place AFCM International Training Centers in Kenya’s 40 prisons. We are reaching the forgotten and broken to raise up an army of leaders and ministers.

Would you like to sponsor a prison bible school?

“I have had the honor of seeing in person Disciples of Mercy Prison Project in operation and the lives it is affecting. Also being involved with the financial  part of it, I am very impressed with the integrity that they have and how they can stretch money to do so much!”

-Annette Rice

Minnesota, USA


“The AFCMITC  Prison Ministry is very unique .Over the years I have ministered in Prisons in Florida, Oklahoma, Virginia  and now Africa. I never have witnessed the enthusiasm by staff towards a program as I witnessed in my recent trip to Africa. I believe God is in the initial phase of changing Africa from the ground up. We graduated 79 over those two weeks and had 40 salvations with limited exposure to population .My wife and I believe as sponsors of two prison units that this may be one of the best places to invest our finances.”

Rev.Peter and Rev.Pam Sullivan  – Voice Of Overcomer 

“At the 4 graduations we helped with in Kenya, we were delighted to see the true joy of the Lord on the faces of the inmates that had completed the AFCM Prison Project.”

Rev. John and Rev. Eileen Fethkenher

“I can’t remember ever being moved so much as when I personally saw the graduation services with the prisoners, their families and other prisoners honoring those graduating. The fruit is so evident of this ministry and changing so many individuals and their families.”

Pastor Rod Rice

AFCM Regional Director/Executive Support Team